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Success hit us hard – in a good way 😅

Client Profile: Meet our savvy client, a Business Coach hungry for new opportunities. Crossworks took the reins, aiming to skyrocket their client base through a Meta lead generation campaign.

Campaign Goals:

  1. Ramp up high-intent, super-qualified leads.

  2. Slash the cost per lead.

  3. Showcase the prowess of targeted Meta campaigns.

Strategic Brilliance: We dove deep into Meta's ad magic, targeting the crème de la crème of potential clients.

Winning Components:

  1. Laser-Precise Targeting: We honed in on individuals with a sweet spot for business coaching, ensuring our ads hit home.

  2. Sizzling Creatives: Our visuals and copy were not just ads; they were conversation starters, showcasing the value of business coaching and our client's expertise.

  3. Real-Time Tune-Up: We didn't just set it and forget it. Regular check-ins and tweaks based on live data kept the campaign sharp and effective.

Jaw-Dropping Results: In a mere 15 days, the scoreboard looked like this:

  • Leads Galore: 105 high-intent leads knocking at the door.

  • Cost Savvy: A jaw-dropping £5 per lead – yes, you read that right!

Pause Button, Please: Success hit us hard – in a good way. The campaign had to take a breather because our client couldn’t keep up with the flood of leads.

Key Lessons:

  1. Sniper-Sharp Targeting Wins: Hit the right people, and you'll see fireworks.

  2. Budget Bliss: Smart planning and targeting mean you can stretch that marketing budget like never before.

  3. Lead Overdose: Scaling up can be challenging when the floodgates open unexpectedly.

What's Next: Crossworks and the Business Coach are plotting the next move, fine-tuning the strategy for an encore. The pause button won’t be on for long!

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