Why Virtual Reality is Important for Your Marketing?

Technological innovations continue to impact marketing strategies, and one of the most intriguing tools to enter the landscape in the past few years is virtual reality (VR).

What is Virtual Reality?

VR refers to an artificial, computer-generated environment that uses high-end graphics, as well as audio and aural sensations, to make users feel as if they are in a real world where they can interact with – and sometimes manipulate – what’s around them. Most VR experiences are generated through the use of specialized headsets that fully immerse a person in the virtual world.

Nowadays, many brands are experimenting with this technology to create more personalized and engaging experiences for their customers.

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of VR but are unsure how to shape it to the unique needs of your company, here is a brand example that may give you the inspiration you need to kick-start your own VR marketing campaign.


Fastrack VR Reflex by Crossworks


Virtual reality is a stunning way to tell stories and provide a brand experience. Fastrack promoted their new released Reflex Watch to the college students by creating an unusual VR experience.

The objective was to promote the product and showcase the features of the product in an interactive way. We came up with a solution of VR Reflex game that was based on the participant’s reflex ability, speed, fitness, and timing that somehow or the other related to the features of the product.

When events are bigger, a conventional idea of Virtual Reality game doesn’t seem to be an ideal choice for entertaining people. We’ve decided to make VR more exciting by adding the body tracking technology to it. In this game, the millennial has to participate in a road trek, get through all the obstacles and complete the challenge within a given time limit.

Thousands of students participated in this event that conducted for 2 weeks in 15 different places in Bangalore. It turned out to be a huge hit and created a lot of buzz on social media. As a result, many photos and videos have been shared across the social media platforms.

At Crossworks, we believe in disrupting traditional business approach with mind-blowing technologies. We create experience that increases your band loyalty and strengthen your fan base. So, are you ready to uphold a VR experience in your marketing strategy?


Written by Dibyasree


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