The Immersive Bookworm’s Dilemma

Sometimes, we have to admit that the world wouldn’t have progressed to where it is at the moment without the traditional methods. Technology has made a lot of improvements and easiness to many everyday needs. But will the traditional and modern methods ever get along?

Let me provide some clarity here. Today, I want to talk about books, and their potential involvement in the experiential marketing industry. Books, in itself, provide individual and private experiences that give readers the liberty to make what they can of it. There is always so much detail to account for, such that having it transition into movies tend to ignite a lot of debate.

In the modern day, we explore books through the innovational Kindle, which saves the space of a library within a small tablet, but possibly taking away the fascinations of being an avid reader. The touch of novel pages, the exclusive smell of the binding, the pride in having a collection showcased at home; it’s the simple lifestyle that becomes meaningful.

From what you may find about publishing industry promotional campaigns, when they incorporate technology like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to sell books, it turns out to be a double-edged sword. This is because:

  • There are conversations that arise about the book, but,
  • There is more attention given to the technology than the book, and thus,
  • Not as many book sales as expected.

If you want a solution, the reason above gave it away. If people want to enjoy the technology, the book needs to be a given. It’s like how in some campaigns, in order to take part in it, you must share a hashtag or include the brand’s social media handle in a post in order to confirm your participation.

Books have gone through their own phase of innovation. From pop-up books to actual GIFs (lenticular sheets) in a page, I think they deserve the credit for inspiring creativity. Experiential Marketing is available as a means to share stories. If books provide them, it can be passed on.

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