Say Cheese to Photobooth!

We love to celebrate everything with photos. From an outing with friends to visit a cool retail shop, we take photos everywhere. So, when it comes to enhancing your customer engagement, investing in a Photobooth can be a crucial element to your marketing strategy. It not only allows you to take photos but also gives you the opportunity to instantly share it on social media.

New research conducted by has revealed that the interest and demand for Photobooths across the world is on the rise. On Twitter, there is a tweet about a Photobooth on average every 15 minutes and on Instagram, there are more than 2 million posts containing the popular hashtag #photobooth.

There are many brands implementing Photobooths, but now most of them are looking for an innovative integration with this big boxy vintage machine.

At Crossworks, we improvised the idea of Photobooth and converted it into a new engagement model. Read more to know what we have invented to improve your experience-

Virtual Jersey Wardrobe at OPPO Champions League T20, 2015

We took the opportunity to blend augmented reality with the concept of photobooth. The objective was to create an interactive campaign for Oppo at Champions League T20. Our Virtual Wardrobe engaged the audiences with a gesture-controlled screen to select, mix and match virtual outfits they might be interested in buying.

Titan Octane GIF Booth, 2016

The GIF Booth captures the participant’s action in burst mode and delivers a stunning output in the form of a GIF file. It created a lot of buzz on social media, when hundreds of participants shared their GIF moments, through our GIF Booth at Bengaluru Marathon, 2016.

Boomerang Booth, at Vogue Beauty Awards, 2017

We didn’t stop at GIF booth, rather improvised it and came up with a fresh idea. We presented our Boomerang Booth, an improved version of GIF booth, at Vogue Beauty Awards, 2017. This extremely advanced booth has the ability to capture your moment and convert it into a reverse GIF. A number of big names from the Bollywood film industry marked their presence and enjoyed using this product.

Magazine Cover, 2018

Do you want to see yourself on the front page of a magazine cover? We made it possible for you. Our Photobooth captures your photo and superimposes it on a customizable magazine cover page. We designed the magazine cover according to the client’s requirement’ e.g. for Bengaluru Marathon we created a sports magazine cover. This engaging activity has become a huge hit for ZEISS, Titan, HRX, and many other well-known brands.

A Photobooth serves as both an attraction and talking point for you with your customers, as well as an ingenious way to create a buzz around your brand.

Bottom line is if you are investing in a marketing tool it has to increase your ROI, and Photobooths are the perfect way to do so. Having the right photo entertainment service at your event can create a great impression on your target audience. Depending on the event, the ROI can be tremendous. With the right marketing goals in mind, the effects can be seen a long time after the event. Don’t get stuck using outdated marketing tools; take advantage of all of the positives that experiential marketing can provide for you!



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