Robots and Helping Hands

Robots – the pinnacle of human service providing technology. It’s amazing how much has been accomplished over the years. A recurring piece of technology that has been used in manufacturing industries are robotic arms. While this may show limited functionality, a robot arm could have its benefits in multiple settings.

As this is an experiential marketing blog, that would be my one and only topic of concern. I believe if a piece of innovation can make its mark in this field, it can do well in any other aspect as well. Imagine selling brand stories with just an arm. That’s like making a thumb fight a worthy and honourable challenge.

What do we know of robot arms at the moment? We know that they are temporary setups, as they can be moved and tweaked to our convenience. They follow a series of fixed automations to do a monotonous line of work quickly and efficiently compared to the average man. To top it all off, the technology is so complex and perfect that it made its way to space, for purposes such as resupply and maintenance.

To make a robot arm sell, it must be used wisely and do its part of helping out. In a sense, it could help both the marketer and the user. A robot arm could be used in an arm wrestle challenge or as the building blocks to another experiential marketing product, like a hologram projected from a robot arm.

If you think using a robot arm as a book holder makes limited use of its potential, I can say that you have the right mindset towards innovation and moving forward. It is claimed that the robotic arm technology is so complex in itself that if it were part of a complete robot body, that entire system could perform a multitude of functions all at once. It might sound like tech talk for how the human body works, but it’s an exciting notion either way.

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