Know the Tricks to Engage Youngsters

Remember, they are Different!

If Facebook’s $19 billion WhatsApp acquisition can be credited to one single instigator, it’s the teenagers.

Having lost its $3 billion bid for Snapchat, social media world has become more conscious about youth opinion. With constant upgradation, innovative applications, cool stickers, new “Like” buttons, it’s clear that Facebook is willing to pay about anything to retain its young users.

There is a single reason behind it – this demographic segment is quite tricky than others. Today’s generation does not give attention to what the media or older generations are suggesting. While older millennial looked to TV shows like MTV’s Total Request Live to tell them what was in style, today’s teens are learning trends and discovering brands by experience.

Here comes the need for Experiential Marketing!

Well, you can’t easily win over the young minds. They love cutting-edge technologies, and of course, they are more up-to-date than you. In experiential marketing strategies, the premise is to create a closer bond between the consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience. That is why, it has become the trendiest tactic to engage millennials.

So, if you really want to be the cult favourite, you need to be conversant.  How? Let’s discuss-


Bisleri POP Digital Activation | Fonzo Fizzi Challenge | PinaColada Scream Challenge

Here is a perfect example of a simple, yet effective promotion by Bisleri. To promote its new product, Bisleri initiated an event especially targeted at college students, on September 2016.

Remember that time? When every single teenager was seen to play the famous Fruit Ninja, holding their mobile and simply ignoring the world around them. It continues to be ranked in the Top 10 best-selling XBLA games of all time.

Think, if you had a chance to play Fruit Ninja on a life-size screen, what would you do? Yes! Students reacted exactly the same as you. They were super excited to play the game!

Fonzo Fizzi challenge was designed to be a blend of cult-favourite game and trendy technology. Hence, it enhanced the excitement thousand times better than a small mobile screen. And the gift sample products worked as a perfect motivating factor to win the game.

Crossworks added a little more fun to it with PinaColada Scream Challenge. It was represented in Crossbot (a product of Crossworks) that has multiple points of interaction – run, scream, feel, and jump. For this particular event, we chose “scream”! Students shouted as loud as they could to reach the highest pitch; in against they got a sample bottle of PinaColada free! Isn’t it exciting?



Flipkart College Activation “ENTRAPPED IN LASER”

For many students going to college means having freedom to explore the world beyond the four walls. They hate class stereotypes. They form different groups around specific interests. For them, taking challenge is the ultimate thing in life.

Crossworks endorsed this passion and enthusiasm in “Entrapped in Laser”. Flipkart conducted an activity in four colleges in Bangalore. The purpose of the event was to promote academic books online. So, what would be the best way than arranging a laser trek challenge?

Crossworks created a customized laser design, where the participants had to cross the laser area to reach the finish and win exciting rewards.

To boost up the spirit of the game, the students participated in groups. Of course, teenagers love team plays. They love coordinating with friends, making plans together, and helping each other to pass the hurdles. Darkroom, laser waves, unknown challenges turned up the excitement and increase the fun.



Does your campaign engage millennials in the right way? Is it an original experience or piece of content that they will spontaneously share with friends online?

The No. 1 law of marketing to youths – do not market to youths. Condescension and gimmicks won’t do you any favours with this cohort. The products and services that tend to thrive with millennials are the ones that do it spontaneously by meeting them on their turf.

However, teens want their loved brands to grow with them. They love to share experience on social media. They are the ones who usually write reviews on online sites. If you don’t keep up with trend, they’ll have no problem leaving you behind. So, keep up with the trends!


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