Holograms – Current Projections

When I think of holograms and associate it with experiential marketing, I imagined a scenario where I would be walking along the street in the usual crowd, only to realize that there are virtual people around me; building up to perform a flash mob. Iron Man has shown us glimpses of his usage of holograms (And for that, we love him 3000). At least, that is probably everyone’s expectations for holograms. However, our current technology has its limits.

Most holograms that you would have probably come across today are always seen in the form of a hologram pyramid or a holographic fan setup; a projection trapped in a confined space with no freedom to fly. One would probably want to reach out and run their hands through it. They are, in fact, very simple setups, but require quite the precision to construct.

We know that in order to bring out our vision for a hologram, light is the main factor. It would require having light take shape within a space. If you have heard of the term “projection mapping”, which is light projected on objects and spaces to adapt to it, the ideal hologram would make that happen without the need of said objects or spaces.

Light is a very tricky phenomenon. So far, we can control its colour, direction and intensity. For holograms, it would require control of range and flexibility of the path of light. I must assure you that as ambitious as this sounds, this thought process is not for the intention of manufacturing lightsabers. Lasers and light are two different aspects in this case.

So here’s a thought – don’t let the dream of holograms die. There are so many wondrous possibilities with this technology that could lighten up your day. If we manage to figure out the technology, some of the following examples could be brought to life:

  • Having clothes projected on you, saving you the trouble of trying them out physically
  • Hologram birds or stars creating messages in the sky
  • A virtual guide for everything from gym facilities to airline safety instructions
  • Pokemon GO, but exactly like the trailer
  • Building a dream house using holograms for an immersive experience

Technology evolves everyday in order to make our lives easier. Cracking the code to the ideal holograms are definitely a milestone to assure an upgraded future.

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