Experiential Marketing Ideas for Christmas and New Year


Most people’s favorite time of the year is Christmas. The festive season puts us into the mood of spending quality time with people we love, expressing our gratitude to all the beautiful things in this world and of course, going out for party and shopping. As the perfect period to seek happiness and personal fulfillment, we also evaluate our progression through the year that passed.

For brands, it’s a very interesting time in terms of sales. It’s no secret that during this period people get in the Big Spender mood.

So, it’s never too late to search for some Christmas marketing ideas for your brand to get most out of this merry season.


But the question is:

How can the positive feelings created by the holiday and the season help us connect with our potential customers?

To answer this question, we’ve got brand new experiential marketing ideas, specially crafted for Christmas and New Year.

According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season accounts for as much as 30% of some stores’ annual sales. But during this time of year, it can be a challenge to capture consumers’ attention, given the number of holiday sales and promotions they’re bombarded with. If you’re looking for ways for your business to stand out during the holidays, our ideas can help you there.

Not only for the retailers, but this is also a big season for every kind of businesses.

Think about your office Christmas/ New Year party. Wouldn’t it be great to engage your employee with some fun tech-based activity?


So, how our ideas can help you to engage your target audience?

Integrated marketing campaigns will help your target audience to have a memorable experience during this festive season and that memory will be related to your brand. And we could be the perfect solution to add that zing for your Christmas this year.

Add a little technology and fun to your festive campaign, stay tuned to know more about our special campaign ideas for Christmas.

What are you waiting for?

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