Experiential Marketing – The Customer’s Expense

For those who are not aware, experiential marketing is the new approach towards bringing brands and customers together in a more personal and meaning approach. Compared to traditional marketing methods, it falls under direct marketing, which includes an upfront presentation of the brands’ products and services through interactive setups.

This could go 2 ways – either the customer gets a visual treat and lets the show influence them from a safe distance, or, they can personally get involved by means of an activity through the setup. As marketers, we see the potential of numbers rising when these setups work towards ours as well as the brands’ favour. But there’s a spectrum as to what all the customers feel unanimously.

Recurring opinions that give the setup plus points go in the lines “Going through a memorable experience” or “Witnessing something never done before” or “Enlightening in terms of what the brand have to offer”. At the other end, you can find people who claim that “I was asked to get involved with the experience spontaneously” or “It seems fun but it’s kind of embarrassing” or “I would just like to observe, if that’s okay.”

It’s obviously very hard to predict how an initiative would turn out. An overthinker would probably be able to account for all possible contingencies but would never be able to determine the point of acting on it. But that’s the beauty of this industry. Every person chooses to approach messages with a different perspective, thereby looking at one setup with more than one set of eyes.

No matter how the customers feel, we learn with every step. No two campaigns have the exact same symptoms of blunder, which makes customers the most vibrant and exciting elements of this business.

If you happen to be one of those customers who hadn’t quite enjoyed the interactive public experience yourself, it’s fair to say that the next time will fail to disappoint you. In fact, you’re basically prepared to take on the world of interactive experiences one activation at a time.

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