Digital Sensations

It’s not every day that we appreciate having all our senses intact, knowing that there are those who don’t get the complete experience of life like we do. Innovation has come a long way to help such people to feel, touch, see, hear or taste in ways that we could never think of. Does the limit of such technology only offer assistance? Or does it open gates towards new kinds of experiences?

We have heard of various miracles over the years. From the classic ear aids, to glasses that help the blind and the colour-blind; these people are more in touch with the world than we could ever be. We can gather that they live their life training their senses such that they can be strong enough to make up for their disability. A person with it all would not need to try it out.

So why bring it to the common folk? Experiences are recipes of emotions and feeling. Senses account for that. For a brand to connect to their audience, taking advantage of their sensations is a much more closer approach.

Let me put it with an example. If you haven’t heard of electronic noses, the name says it all. Put simply, it is a device that analyses general patterns and properties of a nearby substance, detect it and then reach a consensus. Now, if you were part of an organization that fights against pollution, or even a live coffee brewing café, smell becomes an instant selling point for passing on the message.

Break down any other sensation that you feel, and it can be amplified to raise a point. Your senses are the front to taking in an experience. Sell them on an idea, and your body reacts the way it is supposed to. For experiential marketing, this means swift, efficient and memorable brand relationships.

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